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Payment Options


Online Payment Options

You may pay your assessments online by following the Access My Account/Pay My Assessment link on the left margin which will re-direct you to Pilera Software where you can make a payment through Paylease.  A separate Paylease login is required.  Pilera Software will also allow you to view a complete account history and update your contact information, including email address, contact phone numbers, and mailing address.

Paylease allows payments to be made by credit or debit card or directly from your checking or savings account.  Payments post in 3 business days with standard processing.  You may also set-up automatic recurring payments and have the ability to discontinue the recurring payments at any time.


*Refer to the Paylease website for more information regarding these fees.

Cardinal Auto Debit Option

You may also set-up automatic payments through our office. To participate in the automatic payment program, simply complete and return the authorization form along with a voided blank check. Your assessment payments will then be made, automatically, between the fifth and the tenth day of each month.  This service is provided at no cost.

Once enrolled, you will continue to receive monthly billing statements, which will reflect that you are enrolled on the ACH system.  Please continue to make payments by check until you receive confirmation on your statement that the payment will be deducted automatically.

Please mail your completed Authorization Agreement, together with a voided blank check to:

Cardinal Property Management, Inc.
825 N Park Center Dr., Suite 101
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Other Payment Options

A Pay-By-Phone option is also available through Paylease with a processing fee of $9.95 per transaction.  Simply call (866) 729-5327.  Payments post within 3 business days.

Many personal banking institutions allow customers to set-up payments through the bank’s bill payment feature.  When sending a payment using your personal banking institutions online bill payment feature, be sure to include the correct payment mailing address located on the statement remittance stub and include your complete account number for reference.  Keep in mind that some banking institutions will send a physical check rather than an electronic funds transfer (EFT), therefore, be sure to schedule your payments in advance with sufficient time for your payment to be received to avoid any late charges.

Accepted Forms of Payment In Office

Checks, Cashiers’ Checks and Money Orders payable to the Association

Where can I mail my Assessment Check?

Please mail you Assessment check ONLY to:

Association Name
c/o Cardinal Property Management
PO Box 52093
Phoenix, AZ 85072-2093

Please remember to include your Account Number on ALL checks
SAMPLE: CP-01-0001-01

Please mail all other checks (including transponder/parking decal payments, clubhouse payments, key payments, etc) to :

Cardinal Property Management, Inc.
825 N Park Center Drive, Suite 101
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Please remember to include your Account Number on ALL checks
SAMPLE: CP-0001-0001-01