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Building Strong Communities One Board at a Time.

At Cardinal we believe that a quality community starts with an effective board. Knowledgeable association boards are the backbone of successful, thriving communities. We believe in continuing education for everyone. That’s why we host seminars and courses all year round for boards of directors, whether their associations are our clients or not.


“Thank you for this very interesting and helpful class.  You do a fine job of helping your clients keep up to date and thinking ahead.” – Peter W.

“I enjoy your classes.  They are always interesting and appropriate to what we need to know.  John MacDowell gave a wonderful presentation.” – Barb B.

“The meeting was great!  Lots of good information.  It shows that you care as a management company and gives us a chance to see the bigger picture, not just a monthly meeting with a single account manager.” – Brian F.

“The education course was excellent and of value.” – Herb P.

“I thought the class was excellent.  John was very thorough and clear.  The three board members from our association that attended all learned some valuable points and we had a good discussion about them as we carpooled on the way home.” – Greg D.

“The class last evening was very informative.  Mr. MacDowell is an excellent teacher.  I’m glad I attended.” – Dee M.